If your product or service is used by a large number of people, especially your clients, then your goal is to provide the best experience, and this can only be achieved with the best quality analysis.

    Our QA team (Quality Assurance) specializes in ISTQB certification, which represents leaders in the international software testing community. We apply industry best practices to ensure optimal results, and we are passionate about researching and continuously finding new ways to further improve quality.

    Software, web, or application testing includes various types of testing to ensure that the final product will not have functional and non-functional defects, all in order to avoid unexpected software development costs. Additionally, it enhances its quality and user experience (UX). If your product does not perform the function for which it was developed, it becomes unprofitable, and there is a chance that your user will never use your services again. To prevent such situations, our team offers testing of the entire program, regardless of real-world application.

    We most commonly use Black Box testing, where our team puts themselves in the end-user’s shoes. With Black Box testing, we aim to eliminate any tester bias because, in this case, the tester is the end user. What the end user sees and how they interact with the program is the same as our tester’s experience. On the other hand, with White Box testing, we aim to go through every element of the program, reducing redundancy while achieving extensive coverage of cases. In this case, the tester is familiar with the code and program functionality. Lastly, with the Grey Box method, which combines these two, our testing team is partially familiar with the code structure and program functionality.