Ready to go Pro?

    For all our employees we have traning programs and supporting team … Of course in team you’ll have battle proven veterns of the industry willing to help you make your own way.

    In order to provide our customers with the best possible service, we tend to provide the best people for the right job.

    So in our quest to make a mean lean coding machine(MLCM) out of every one of our employees we provide all the possible help we can to all of our employees to learn the theory.

    You will be provided by all the needed materials, tutorials and stuff, printed materials, Udemy and credentials, Exam mocks etc.

    Certificate yourself and be able to present to our customers that You are able to overcome the knowledge that is needed to successfully finish all the task presented by our customer. Of course, all the expenses of that journey will be covered by S2.

    To gain experience on a test project before You get to the real thing, you’ll be guided by a Senior mentor provided to You. All the questions and need for help please post to the Mattermost (M2) channel named skolica.

    We like standardization, so do our clients, so please read and more importantly follow the S2 naming conventions….

    Also, feel free to suggest new rules and best practices, once accepted they become our internal best practice guideline that everybody should follow.

    We wish You Happy coding, to have a ton of fun in the process of making You an MLCM, and of course to make a lot of money!!! 😉

    Senior DevOps Engineer

    Our software services company is in need of a Senior DevOps Engineer to join our team. We excel at coding and have the ability to fine-tune databases and application servers. However, we require someone with the skills and expertise to effectively manage our online presence and digital operations.

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    Java Developer

    We are looking for an exceptional Java Developer who could work with our multifunctional team in Zagreb and join our community of world-class talented experts.

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    Junior Analyst

    We are in search of an outstanding Junior Analyst to collaborate with our multifunctional team in Zagreb and become a part of our community of exceptionally skilled experts. If you’re someone with a passion for data analysis, a knack for uncovering meaningful insights, and a strong analytical mindset, then you’re the right fit for our team.

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    IT Sales Manager

    We are actively seeking an exceptional IT Sales Manager to join our dynamic team in Zagreb and become a vital member of our community of highly skilled professionals. If you’re an individual with a strong passion for sales, a talent for cultivating valuable business relationships, and a strategic sales mindset, then you are the perfect fit for our team.

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    System Administrator

    We are actively seeking an outstanding System Administrator to join our dynamic team in Zagreb and become an integral member of our community of highly skilled professionals. If you’re someone with a deep enthusiasm for systems administration, a knack for optimizing IT infrastructure, and a strategic approach to system management, then you are the ideal addition to our team.

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