These are some of the industries where we’re doing mission-critical projects for our clients worldwide. Consulting, project management, architecture, integrations, full-scale development, automatization, scalable systems; we’ve done it all.

    Government & Public Sector

    From ministries to agencies and administrations, we have experience in large scale project with fixed budgetary and time constraints. Our projects handled a large number of users, sensitive data, as well as law and regulatory compliance.


    Financial data and operations include some of the most sensitive and strictly regulated processes. Our projects successfully cover both the core and extended functionalities of financial services, including billing and delivery.


    Telecommunication industry connects the world, and we are a part of it. We have experience providing support services and products to the industry enabling smooth operations of the customer-facing services.


    Core functionality for the future of connected and augmented industries. We have experience gathering device data and mapping it with available map services to provide full geopositioning service.


    A small cog in this massive industry. We have developed a support mobile and server product for resource management, making its operations even more efficient.


    Role and content management are among the most critical issues for modernizing education. Out projects provided both in a portable mobile package.


    Energy and cost optimizations rest on the internet of things. We have experience with smart home products and integration based on z-wave protocol.

    3D Simulation

    Simulations are a basis for modern project planing in various industries. Our international project covers the oil industry with 3D simulations of oil fields.


    Logistics connects different industries and creates a reliable chain from source to customers. Our products handle the complete logistics from the order and delivery management to feedback reports.

    Fleet Management

    Fleets are the biggest optimization candidates for both small and large companies. We have experience in products covering both vehicle and driver management that improve efficiency and reduce cost.